Furnished in a simple style with twin beds. The size is ten square meters which makes it the smallest our of our three categories.

Room size: 10 m². Twin room.
Room size: 18 m². Twin room.


Furnished in a simple style, windows of this twin-bedded room are oriented into a quiet area. The size is eighteen square meters. 


Business category provides the highest comfort in the form of a large room area - 24 square meters. There is also a kettle with coffee and tea.

Room size: 24 m². Twin room.

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things to do in otrokovice

Otrokovice (in 1939–1946 known as Baťov, 1960–1964 known as Otrokovice-Kvítkovice, Otrokowitz in German) is the second largest town in Zlín region. It lies on the border of three historical Moravian regions - Slovácko, Valašsko and Haná. Otrokovice is often placed within all of them. Its association with Haná region is based on the town's origin as the original villages from which the town originated were villages of Haná. 

Baťa canal


Petra Nováková

„Snídaně byla výborná - velký výběr, pokoj sicek maličký, ale čistý. Moc pěkné prostředí kolem, hluk ze silnice před hotelem nebyl skoro vůbec slyšet.“





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